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All Electrical Equipment At Your Corporate Event Is Test And Tag Compliant

We guarantee that all of our equipment is certified as 'Compliant' with current up to date inspection tags attached to all electrical items we take out for events.

Many venues are now checking all electrical items for compliancy before the guests arrive, and whilst this has mainly been happening at the larger or historic venues, it's becoming common place—and rightly so!!

When venues find that any electrical equipment brought onto their premises is either not adequately tested or has expired tags, then they are obligated to take action. It is their legal obligation to ensure they are providing you a safe venue, and untagged equipment is not providing this.

Venues who take this seriously must insist that the equipment is not plugged into mains power until it is adequately passed inspection and has the current tag attached by a certified tester. What this means is that your band or DJ is not allowed to turn their equipment 'ON' and you will have NO entertainment at your corporate function!!

Not only does all of our equipment have current tags proving they are legally compliant, we also have our own in-house certified test and tagger. We do regular tests on all of our equipment to ensure there is no problems.

The test and tagging is also a service we provide to many other affiliated businesses around Melbourne, from other DJ's, musicians etc. to local businesses. If you need anything test and tagged yourself please get in touch with us.