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Professional Corporate DJ, MC and Guitar Entertainment

Corporate DJ MC Melbourne Sound System

Sound System At Your Corporate Function

We have many sets of high-end professional p.a. sound equipment.

We cater for functions ranging from 10 guests at a small intimate restaurant, up to events of over 500 guests in a large ballroom or even outdoor events.

It's one thing to have all the equipment, but it's another to have the experience and knowledge of how to use it optimised for each and every event. It's not just a case of wheeling in the equipment, plugging it in and turning it on - and this is something that inexperienced operators just don't seem to understand. The knowledge of looking at a room and knowing how the sound will behave in it only comes with experience.

All our sound equipment is stored off-site in a secure air-conditioned environment. Our philosophy is that if you don't maintain, respect and look after your equipment then it won't look after you, and it will let you down—it's just a matter of time. Have you ever been to function where the sound is awful and the equipment looks second rate? Then it gets you thinking about whether the equipment has been looked after and if the sound guy knows what he's doing. Is this something you want to face in front of your important clients at your next product launch?